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How it started

The Heart tRAIL


Like a majority of the world, I was suffering from stress that lead to chronic anxiety and through my research, walking seemed to be the best answer to gaining some control over this disorder. After using GPS tracking application on many walks and runs throughout my downtown neighborhood, I realized the grid patterns of the street allowed me to create the shape of a heart. This realization and curiosity lead me to begin to working on a curated walking experience, connecting the amenities and landmarks that downtown has to offer. After a year of redesigning the trail, walking it, and speaking with the community leaders, we were able to lay down wayfinding markers to guide any user through the trail. Thus sparked the Heart Trail movement.



Downtown Baton Rouge, LA 

The city of Baton Rouge carries so much charm and character, requiring the design of the trail to blend in. That is why we have carefully designed a set of trail markers and artist graphics that will be placed throughout the city to direct any visitor to the next turn and safely back to the end of the trial. 


When designing a heart trail or any other pop up installation, the goal is develop a strategy that requires little to no infrastructure changes to the city. If any infrastructure changes are needed, it should only be to areas that need immediate work, such as, crosswalks, street lights, and ADA access points.


By utilizing modern and even new way finding techniques, we are creating an affordable trail that shines light on our beautiful city and more importantly, our health.